Theme: "Affordable eDiscovery"

When: June 7, 2011, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Where: Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street, Manchester NH (603-625-1000)

Many litigators assume that electronic discovery applies only to major lawsuits involving multi-national corporations and vast repositories of electronic documents. They associate ediscovery with large law firms, teams of expensive attorneys, and sophisticated in-house technical resources.

But today, virtually every corporate client -- even the smallest -- uses technology to run its business. Our clients communicate by email; they create spreadsheets and electronic presentations; they maintain electronic customer and mailing lists; they use financial databases to keep their books.

This means that even a small client will possess electronic evidence that is potentially subject to discovery, and even a small law firm can be faced with the need to conduct ediscovery. Further, even large corporations and large law firms often have small matters that must be handled economically.

The modern litigator therefore must know how to conduct "affordable ediscovery." The litigator must satisfy the requirements of the rules of procedure while keeping the discovery budget proportionate to the amount in dispute. This seminar will explore the use of ediscovery in civil litigation in the following three contexts:
  • The litigation client that does not have a large discovery budget;
  • The litigation matter that does not justify a large discovery budget;
  • The law firm that does not have in-house resources for ediscovery.
The seminar will present methods for implementing smaller-scale ediscovery techniques to address these lower-budget scenarios.

The summit will include a keynote address by Jim Berriman. Mr. Berriman is CEO of Evidox and teaches ediscovery at Boston University School of Law. He was formerly Director of Litigation Technology at Goodwin Procter.

The panelists have been selected to provide a wide range of viewpoints:

Federal Magistrate Judge Timothy S. Hillman will provide the view from the bench;

Attorney Jonathan M. Shirley of Devine Millimet will provide the view of the larger law firm business litigator;

Attorney Shelagh Michaud of CullinCollimore will provide the view of the smaller law firm litigator;

Litigation Support Specialist Dawn Gagnon of McLane Graf will provide the view of the in-house ediscovery specialst.

Please see the Speakers page for more information about our speakers.

The seminar will be submitted to the NH CLE Board for CLE credit.