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The 2011 New Hampshire Ediscovery Summit is proudly sponsored by:

Westlaw offers products and services that offer litigators an efficient and effective means of practicing and serving their clients. Westlaw Litigator tools, including WestLaw CaseLogistix, provide an integrated suite of products to help attorneys manage discovery more holistically. Westlaw CaseLogistix provides a premier discovery review and organization platform.

First-time users require minimal training to efficiently review discovery materials regardless of document type or language. Email, attachments, spreadsheets, presentations, even the memo from an overseas office all look and feel as expected. Users spend less time considering how to open the next document and more time understanding their documents.

Westlaw CaseLogistix automatically organizes your discovery documents in real-time by custodian, document type, or subject, allowing you to prioritize critical discovery materials. Less time is spent manually copying documents into folders and more time is spent building work product with the most important documents.

For more information please see our web site or contact:
Jeff Friedman (877) 285-3883